What to expect during your visit with us at Behmardi Kalantari Chiropractic.

Dr Kalantari has been providing the finest natural health care to the family for many years!

Upon entering Behmardi Kalantari Chiropractic, our Front Desk Manager will make you feel like family. If you haven’t already printed and filled out the Online Forms under “New Patients” from the website, then we will request that you complete them at our office. This paperwork is very important. It provides us with your health history and information about your condition. This is only done on your first visit.

Once we have your information our Front Desk Manager will give you a tour of our clinic. Then you will have a one on one consultation with Dr. Kalantari. He will thoroughly review your issue, your history, and you will also get all of your questions answered. Once you and Dr. Kalantari have completed your consultation you will head into the exam room. If Dr. Kalantari and you decide it is necessary we may also take X-Rays.

Dr. Kalantari takes the time to do a thorough analysis of your history, exam, and X-Rays to put together an individualized treatment plan to get you feeling your best!

After your consultation and exam, we will make an appointment for you to come back for your Review of Findings. At that time, we will review your treatment plan, all fees associated with treatment, and answer any other questions you may have come up with.

Any subsequent visits when you walk in our Front Desk Manager will get necessary information for your visit and then you will receive your needed treatment from the Doctor.

We look forward to meeting you!

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  • Complete professionals in all aspects. Always greeted with a smile and given complete focus and attention during my treatments. I only wish I was able to go more often!

    Phillando P.
  • Had some issue points for at least 2-1/2 years, and with another chiropractor that never resolved them, after just 2 treatments at Spainhower Chiropractic, with Dr. Behmardi (thank you) my issue points are pretty much gone! I am ecstatic!! I am also very pleased with the great personalities, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff!! So glad I have now joined the Spainhower family!!

    Shelly Shelgren
  • Dr. Bohmardi is awesome! He was able to relieve my back pain and offer advice for keeping the pain away. He seems to really care, which is so nice when dealing with such vulnerable procedures.

    Renee Mattingly
  • I've been enduring neck radiculopathy and scoliosis for three years, which resulted in continuous pain. Initially, my path to relief seemed complex, with a physical therapist based in Kaiser Roseville, a distance made unmanageable by the demands of my work in Rancho Cordova and a tight schedule.

    My journey took a hopeful turn after meeting Dr. Behmardi and Vonetta at a chamber-hosted networking breakfast. They connected me with Dr. Spainpower, who offered a detailed assessment of my condition. He was straightforward about the challenges ahead, noting that a full recovery and complete cessation of pain were optimistic goals given my diagnoses.

    What distinctly enhanced my healing journey, however, has been the outstanding customer service extended by the entire staff team. Their empathy, professionalism, and unwavering support have been pivotal in my physical and mental improvement. Michelle, Kelly, and Vonetta, in particular, have stood out for their warmth and consistently positive energy. Additionally, Tralena, a phenomenal massage therapist, possesses what can only be described as magical hands, bringing significant relief to my body pain.

    Thanks to this dedicated team, my pain level has remarkably decreased from an overwhelming 5 to a manageable 2. This progress is not just a step but a giant leap forward in my pursuit of better health, and I am deeply appreciative of the significant impact they've made in my life.

    Madonna Gonzalez