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Imagine life without pain chiropractic is safe and effective not only for pain relief but also to correct the problem that is causing the pain in the first place!!!

Dr. Spainhower is uniquely trained to treat injuries to the spine and extremities. He has 36 years experience as a chiropractor and he is considered a specialist in the treatment of sports injuries, auto accident injuries or just wear and tear of the spine over time. He uses his vast experience and expertise along with state of the art physiotherapy to detect and help restore proper joint function of the spine and extremities.

Those procedures include: laser, ultrasound, inferential therapy microcurrent therapy deep tissue massage, kinesio taping.

How kinesio taping works: taping of an injured area alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage. By lifting the skin of the injured area, we alleviate pressure and irritation to that area and decrease pain and swelling.

Find out if you can be helped with any condition involving the spine or extremities by arranging a consultation and thorough examination today! Or tell someone you know about chiropractic… Let’s make sure we are all on the road to optimum health and wellness!!

Patient of the month: Lori F.

Lori was suffering for years with plantar fascitis. She had seen a podiatrist and had received 3 cortisone injections with no improvement. She was definitely spending alot of time sitting on the bench not doing the things she enjoyed like running… A friend told her about our clinic and gave her the gift of health to see if chiropractic could help her… After just a few weeks of care she is walking without pain, even wearing heels and has hope that she will get back on the road running again!!

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